Ubuntu Menu Entries


To create a menu entry in Ubuntu / Xubuntu, copy and paste the following into the file ~/.local/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

In this case the entry is for my install of Eclipse, but you’ll need to edit the Icon and Exec paths for your installation.

How to use Compass in Eclipse on Windows

Compass is an open-source CSS3 authoring framework. It is based around SASS and helps make CSS3 code cleaner and more re-useable. Unfortunately, it’s mostly command-line based, an area I guess a lot of Windows users don’t feel that comfortable with. So here’s my step-by step guide to getting Compass working on Windows. You can stop at the end of step 5 if you’re happy with the command-line approach, or carry on to the end if you use Eclipse and want automated builds from there.

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Eclipse 4 Dependency Injection

Something else that’s completely new to me in Eclipse 4 is dependency injection (DI). This is used to prevent classes having to implement and extend other defined classes in order to provide the expected functionality of eg a View or a Handler. With DI you can write POJOs and still allow the Eclipse framework to execute the correct methods when certain actions are required. You can also ‘easily’ inject objects that remain persistent across classes within your application. Continue reading

Eclipse 4 CSS

[GARD] I’ve been trying to style my eclipse 4 app using the new CSS style selectors. Specifically I was trying to remove the minimise and maximise icons from a PartStack as it was the only item in a perspective, and the perspective layout made no sense when it was minimised. Continue reading