How to use Compass in Eclipse on Windows

Compass is an open-source CSS3 authoring framework. It is based around SASS and helps make CSS3 code cleaner and more re-useable. Unfortunately, it’s mostly command-line based, an area I guess a lot of Windows users don’t feel that comfortable with. So here’s my step-by step guide to getting Compass working on Windows. You can stop at the end of step 5 if you’re happy with the command-line approach, or carry on to the end if you use Eclipse and want automated builds from there.

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CSS3 Transitions

CSS3 supports a great new feature, the ability to transition between CSS properties without using Javascript. As an example, we’re using it on this site for the change in menu background colour and anchor colour. Try positioning your mouse over the menu options above to see the background fade (Note: not supported in internet explorer) Continue reading