Using libsass with Foundation for Apps

By default Foundation for Apps uses Ruby Sass to compile your SCSS to CSS. This guide covers the conversion to libsass

I accept there are quite a few reasons that you might continue to use Ruby Sass, but if some of the missing features aren’t going to cause you any problems it’s much faster to compile using libsass. My compilation times dropped from around 8.3s using ruby sass to 1.4s using libsass. A huge benefit when you’re repeatedly waiting for your new style to show up during development. Continue reading

Eclipse 4 CSS

[GARD] I’ve been trying to style my eclipse 4 app using the new CSS style selectors. Specifically I was trying to remove the minimise and maximise icons from a PartStack as it was the only item in a perspective, and the perspective layout made no sense when it was minimised. Continue reading