WordPress Theme

Uzi Listening WordPress ThemeIt’s a simple theme. The content and layout of the site is very predictable. Each post features an image 600px wide as the featured image / post thumbnail. The post title is placed as an <h1> over the image in the index.php layout. There may or may not be a small amount of text to display below the image, or a playlist from

Posts are placed into categories with the slug of either blog, images or sounds. The category base is set to ‘filter’. The small side menu is hardcoded to use this information, but I’ll probably make it more dynamic in future versions.

Get the Theme

The theme can be downloaded from the links below. Please consider donating if you use the theme on your website, and drop us a link in the comments box too!


The source for the theme can be found here on GitHub.


v 0.0.1
  • First working version