Hi-Quality Free VST Plugins

Been getting into mixing audio a little more over the last couple of weeks. The problem I faced is that I have Cubase 4 AI – a free version that was packaged with my electric piano. As such it’s lacking VST plugins to process the audio. So here’s a list of free VST plugins I’ve been trying out.

I’ll add to the list if I find any others.


Collections of plugins featuring plugins in many different categories

Digital Audio Workstations – DAW

Complete recording solutions


Compressors / Limiters

  • TDR Feedback Compressor II
    ‘Feed-Back Compression’ analyses audio at output stage rather than traditional input
  • ThrillseekerVBL
    emulation of a ‘vintage broadcast limiter’
  • IVGI
    IVGI can deliver very soft and subtle saturation, it is equally capable of very dense and dirty distortion effects
  • sixtyfive
    vintage-style, RMS Compressor, inspired by the dbx® 165A, a classic 1970′s compressor




Virtual Synths


  • TSE B.O.D
    virtual bass guitar distortion pedal effect
  • TSE R47
    emulating a famous “rodent” guitar pedal!