Gareth Cooper 2012/13 WordPress Theme

This is the default theme for in 2012 and 2013.

  • Aimed at sites that wish to prominently feature images / photographs.
  • Optimised layout for the front, single post, category and archive listing pages.
  • Author page provides opportunity to link your profile back to Facebook, Google+ and/or Twitter.
  • The theme is HTML5 compliant.
  • CSS3 styling is utilised for background-gradients and anchor colour transitions.
    • Browsers that do not support CSS3 will still see well-formatted layout.
    • SCSS file available for making changes to the CSS.
  • Support for WordPress post formats – standard, aside, audio, image and status.

As usual, please use our Theme Feedback page if you’re experiencing any problems

Download the Theme

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The theme is available for download for you to use on your own WordPress site. Click the icon to the left to download our latest release version (0.3). If you like it, please consider donating.

Then see our WordPress Theme Installation instructions.

The theme is released under GPLv3.

Release Notes

View the commit log here.

v0.4 – Current Development Version – Not Yet Suitable for Production Use

  • Aim for more flexible layout
    • Larger theme width = larger images displayed on larger screens
    • Possibilities of delivering different size images to different devices – see here
  • Images likely to be scaled using CSS rather than WordPress custom image sizes
    • Saves bandwidth downloading different versions of the image
    • Opportunities for flexible theme width to fit different devices

v0.3 – 10th May 2013 – Current Release Version

  • Major redesign of theme header
  • Removed yui3 grids as very few columns anyway => lots of redundant CSS

v0.2 – February 2013 – Not a public release

  • Added loads of microdata

v0.1 – 31st January 2013

  • First working version


Creating good WordPress themes takes many many hours of work. Whilst you don’t have to, donations towards the development of this theme are always appreciated, however little. Thanks if you choose to do so!

If you use this theme on your website, please either leave a comment below, or drop me a note. As ever your suggestions for how the theme might be improved are really welcome.